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Crane Coffee Machine 673

Crane Coffee Machine 673

Hot Drink Center 2- Simply the most profitable hot beverage vendor available. With Full-Brew, 20 oz. cups, more selectivity, SureVend™ and a dramatic new look, the choice is clear.

    • Compelling and appetite-appealing graphics are highlighted by an attractive backlit display that calls out and complements the new and improved shadow box menu board, improving the overall coffee experience and environment. It’s a look customers won’t be able to resist.
    • Providing larger cup sizes along with an outstanding cup of coffee gives consumers the quality and value they desire and are willing to pay more for. The Hot Drink Center 2 provides that dynamic by offering up to a 20 oz. cup size that competes effectively with retail coffee outlets.
    • Two additional blended selections provide more variety to accommodate consumer preferences. Blending ratios can be adjusted from 15% to 85% providing complete taste profile flexibility. Now you can provide as many as 11 choices to your customers.
    • Nestled within the inviting cup station, the serving light lets consumers know their beverage is being brewed.
    • “Easy Thread” filter paper system is dramatically simplified and provides the perfect balance between brew quality and ease of use.
    • Drop down grinder makes easy grinder adjustments with our drop down design. Easily, locks back into place for operation.
    • Enhanced nozzle design improves flow of product to prevent clogging. Mixing bowls designed for a superior wash pattern.
    • Translucent canisters open easily and lock in place for convenient product filling. Stackable 4″ Extensions are available for more capacity.
    • Cup canisters tilt out to make loading easy. Incremental sizes from 5 oz. to 20 oz. allow you to generate the best value proposition for consumers and an ROI to match most manual cups approved for us
    • Removable, molded floor liner catches spills and reduces cleaning maintenance time.
* Cups(approximate)

  • 600 – 12 oz.
  • 530 – 14 oz.
  • 380 – 16 oz.
  • 358 – 20 oz.
* Dry Product

    • Coffee canister – 14 lbs. beans; 13 lbs. ground coffee
    • Decaf canister – 9.5 lbs. beans; 9 lbs. ground decaf
    • Flavored gourmet coffees – 6 lbs.
    • Chocolate – 10 lbs.
    • Freeze dry coffee – 2 lbs.
    • Sugar – 11 lbs
    • Lightener – 4.5 lbs
(See Operator’s Guide or call for complete canister specifications)

  • Height: 72 inches
  • Depth: 33.75 inches
  • Width: 38.13 inches
  • Weight: 570 lbs

* Operation:

  • cULus
  • CE
  • FCC
  • NAMA

* Electrical Rating

    • 115 Volts
    • 60Hz
    • 16 amps

(Requires a 20 amp circuit)

Optional Features

  • Dollar Bill Validators: Mars, Coinco, Conlux
  • Coin Mechanisms: Mars, Coinco, Conlux
  • MDB Ready (Standard)
  • DEX Harness (Standard)
  • Data Printer
  • Money Box Lock
  • Van Lock and Key
  • Flex Ace lock and key
  • Base Grille
  • Everpure Water Filtration System
  • Hydrolife Water Filtration System
  • Automatic Door
  • 4″ Canister Extension Sleeves
  • Sugar Substitute
  • Free Vend Key Switch
*All specifications subject to change without notice.